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Stories about outsiders who fight for outcasts, rejects, and the forgotten leaving community in their wake.

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What do you do when being a part of the church makes it impossible to love like Jesus loved?

Tim and Abby are called to leave their comfortable Christian community in Texas to help build a church in Baltimore. The church starts to grow, nothing goes as planned and they are forced to question their faith and who they are.

Can this loving couple find a new path forward that reconciles their deep faith with the path they are on? Or will their belief in a loving, merciful God lead them in a whole new direction?

Inside Outside is a heartfelt, emotional, and sometimes humorous journey of self-discovery, building family, and deconstructing religion in the American Evangelical church.

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A bureaucratic government agency tasked with helping ghosts move on to the next life sets up in a forgotten small town where nothing is as it should be and comedy ensues.

This hysterical thriller (The Office meets Ghostbusters) will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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There’s something different about Private Detective Monetta Watkins. She can relive people’s memories.

Together with her partner – once famous child actor Stacie Howe, Moe tackles the cases no one else is willing to take on.

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Baltimore is in danger from threats within and without.

As other worldly monsters hunt citizens for sport, a conspiracy of wealthy elites plots to take control of the city.

The city’s only hope is a pair of homeless super heroes and a brave reporter who operates outside of the lines. Can they stave off the horrible fate the city faces in time?

This “Game of Thrones” meets “The Wire” adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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