Life is stressful and you need an escape.

The world can be a stressful place. From trying to care for your family, to managing your personal finances, to making sense of the news, there are anxiety-inducing things all around you pressing down on you and threatening to overtake you.

Being an adult is overwhelming and sometimes you just need to escape.

You could flip on one of the hundreds of streaming services and zone out, but you know that spending hours staring at a screen isn’t what is best for you. You could also try to lose yourself in social media, but you know drowning in the endless scroll will likely only add to your anxiety.

Going to video-based entertainment for escape is like eating fast-food. It tastes good at the moment, but you know you will regret it later.

I’d like to help.

My name is Jeff and I write stories that will help you escape the pressures and anxiety of the real world. My stories have engaging and heroic characters who overcome impossible obstacles. Some of my stories are deep dives you can lose yourself in for hours. Some are quick bites you can read in twenty-minutes. They are filled with humor and moments of compassion, their plots will keep you guessing, they feature a diverse cast of characters, and they all take place in Baltimore.

When you need to unplug, don’t flip on the TV. Don’t get lost in the endless scroll of your phone. Don’t spend another night falling asleep to the flicker of a screen.

Get lost in a book.

Click here, pick a story, and escape into a world that will help you find relief from the anxiety of the real world.