Hello. My name is Jeff Elkins. I write stories with engaging and diverse characters that will encourage you to feel all the feels.

I started writing fiction in 2013. At the time I was working as an Executive Pastor for a church that was in the middle of a massive transition. Helping the people of that organization process change and the hurt feelings that often come with it was stressful. During that season, I began writing short stories at night as a way to cope with the stress of work. Because I struggled with dyslexia into my teenage years, I hated English and avoided writing at all costs. It was strange to discover in my late 30s how much I loved creating characters, worlds, and conflicts for them to overcome.

In 2014, I finished my work with the church and took a job as the Director of Programming for a non-profit that was battling the problem of human trafficking. Unfortunately, I was let go from that job after 9 months of working with the organization. My wife was nine-months pregnant with our 5th child, we’d just moved to a new community for the job, and suddenly I had no income or health insurance. The panic of the moment drove me to indie-publishing. A year later, I released my first novel. Putting a whole story into the world felt amazing. I’ve been publishing a book or two a year since then.

Currently, during the day I lead the writing team for a training company that simulates difficult conversations for professionals to practice. At night I write fiction and help writers create engaging stories as the Dialogue Doctor.

At the beginning of each month, I send out a newsletter about my life and my writing. It contains links to everything I published that month, updates on projects I’m working on, pictures of my family on our adventures, and random thoughts traveling through my brain. Click here to subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

My wife (Wendy) and I live north of Baltimore, Maryland with our five kids and insane dog.

If you’d like to contact me, you can email me at jffelkins@gmail.com.

I’m also on twitter  @jffelkins or on Facebook at facebook.com/JeffElkinsWriter/

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