Growing Together

Growing Together


Jeff writes stories about characters overcoming obstacles by growing together.


What do you do when being a part of the church makes it impossible to love like Jesus loved?

Tim and Abby are called to leave their comfortable Christian community in Texas to help build a church in Baltimore. Tim is convinced they can help make the city a better place; Abby isn’t so sure. The church starts to grow, nothing goes as planned and they are forced to question their faith and who they are.

Moving to a new city forces Tim and Abby to build relationships with people who aren’t like them for the first time in their lives. They come face to face with the struggles of addiction, the torment of poverty, and the pain of gender discrimination in ways that force them to question the teachings of their childhood religion, and their relationships with others and with themselves.

As the scales fall from their eyes, can this loving couple find a new path forward that reconciles their deep faith with the path they are on? Or will their belief in a loving, merciful God lead them in a whole new direction?


Ghosts are real…

…and there is an underfunded government agency that help the recently deceased transition into the afterlife. Spiritual energy is running wild in the rural Midwest and when a remote NRDS office settles in, nothing goes according to plan.

Follow this cast of NRDS as they work through spirit cases, struggle with small town politics, and try to dig themselves out of tons and tons of paperwork. Because what is a government agency without an insurmountable amount of red tape?

You will love this Ghost Busters meets The Office action-comedy with queer romance.


Moneta Watkins is a private detective who can relive people’s memories, but can she trust what people show her?

In this three book series, Moneta Watkins and her best friend Stacie Howe solve the crimes of Baltimore no one else can solve.

Like her brothers, Moe was born with her abilities. While some of her brothers have applied their gifts to advance their careers in the FBI or the Army, and others have tried to avoid using them altogether, Moneta has devoted her life to solving Baltimore’s unsolvable mysteries.

Stacie Howe brings enthusiasm and passion to the partnership. As a once-famous child actress, Stacie is fearless. Using her fortune to support their adventures, Stacie is ready and willing to jump into any case Moe wants to solve.


In a world full of unseen monsters, a secret society of homeless superheroes keeps our cities safe.

Military Vet Chris and his teenage partner Jose roam the streets of Baltimore, keeping its citizens safe from other-worldly monsters who come and go through magical portals. A war between the worlds is brewing, and Chris and Jose may be Baltimore’s only chance.

At the same time, reporter Mencken Cassie fights to uncover the sinister plans of a hidden criminal organization funded by some of the most powerful businessmen in Baltimore. Desperately seeking proof of the corruption rotting the city, there is no stone Mencken won’t overturn in pursuit of the truth.

7 Nights in a Bar

What would you do if you had sit in a bar for a week and wait for the answer to a question that will change the trajectory of your whole life? Andy talks to strangers.

In one week, Andy will receive an answer to a question that will shape the rest of his life. While he waits, Andy chats with strangers in a bar. As they drink beer, eat bar food, and have humorous conversations, Andy learns more about life, himself, and what it means to be a good husband.

This short one hour read is both comedy and mystery. Wait in suspense with Andy as he stalls until his mysterious guest returns with the answer he is waiting for. Comprised almost entirely of dialogue, the engaging conversations of the book will keep you flying through to the end. Perfect for an adult looking for a fast read or a lover of short stories, readers will be enchanted by this entertaining story.

From a time-traveling assassin to a man obsessed with the subway, to an accidental speed date, Andy’s conversations are like nothing you’ve ever read.