Quick Reads

You want to escape into story but you only have a few minutes? Need something quick to pass the time?

Check out the books below for fun and fast reads.

James knows what he has to do and he has the tools to do it, but can he kill his best friend to save the world? Clovis’ camera has a magical secret. It takes pictures of ghosts. Will dancing in the fountain and roaring like a lion really save her life? Amy doesn’t know, but she’s going to try. This wonderful collection of twenty-one fun and engaging short stories is perfect for the reader on the go. Each thrilling story will bring you to the edge of your seat and then give you the release you need in ten minutes or less. You’ll be lost in the charming and inspiring characters and the fast-paced and witty dialog.

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A bathroom tile, a box of candy hearts, the smoke from a cigar — Mark never knows where the next magical message will come from. Mark and all the Magical Things is filled with surprising moments of moving dialog, dark humor, and heartwarming soul-searching. You’ll laugh, celebrate, and cry alongside Mark as you follow him on his unintentional journey of self-discovery. Aided by a mysterious force in the universe, Mark learns about himself; but will he learn all he needs to in time to find love again?

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In one week Andy will receive an answer that will determine the course of the rest of his life. To pass the time, he is talking to strangers. This entertaining collection of seven conversations will cause you to smile, laugh, and think.

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