Saving Deborah – Chapter Five – a Rough Draft

Tonight I wasn’t able to write any nonfiction, so I’m posting the chapter I wrote. This is the first draft of chapter five from Saving Deborah. Enjoy.  Miriam twisted the lock with both hands. The metal hurt her fingers. It took all her strength to force the old deadbolt into position. Standing on her toes,Continue reading “Saving Deborah – Chapter Five – a Rough Draft”

A Breakdown and Summary of the State of the Union Address

What follows is my attempt to understand the State of the Union address in hopes of understanding the priorities of the President and his party. In this post, I’m purely seeking to understand what was said. If you aren’t interested in reading my full breakdown of the speech, you can scroll to the bottom ofContinue reading “A Breakdown and Summary of the State of the Union Address”

Rejecting the Things that Made

There is much I don’t like about the institutional church, and I don’t just mean that I’d prefer it to take a different shape. Theologically, I disagree with its structure and focus. I don’t think the form of it I have known looks or thinks like Jesus. I’ve watched leaders consistently try to force JesusContinue reading “Rejecting the Things that Made”

It’s about the quality of the work.

Recently, I was talking to a friend who is also a writer. She’s been on a more traditional road than I have. She grew up wanting to write. She wrote books in journals as a kid. When it came time to go to college, she earned a degree in English. Since college, she’s started multipleContinue reading “It’s about the quality of the work.”